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Latest Updates, Features, and Changes

We'd like to keep everyone informed of the latest updates, features, and changes on the site so everyone can take advantage of them. Check back regularly to keep up-to-date. If you have any questions, comments, etc. email us, and we will be happy to answer it or fix it.
  • Your Favorites now accessible from the menu

    • We've made accessing your favorite conversions even easier. Just mouse over the 'Your Favorites' in the menu and your favorite conversion will be displayed and are selectable. They will display in the same order as you last saved them on the Your favores page.

  • Direct conversion formulas added

    • We've add direct conversion formulas, where applicable. This means that if the Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula is not a direct, single step conversion, then we will display the direct conversion below it.

  • We've been working to improve our search tool

    • We've been monitoring and tweaking our search tool to help you find the conversions you are looking for. From catching common spelling mistakes to variations in abbreviations we think the search tool will be more effective at helping you find what you are looking for.

      Some examples of search terms variations you can use:

      • kilometers to miles
      • km to miles
      • km to mi
      • us dollar to japanese yen
      • usd to jpy
      • centimeters to feet
      • cm to ft
      • cm to feet
      • kilos to pounds
      • lb to kg
      • kg to lbs

  • Fuel Economy

    • We've add fuel economy conversions! We have 13 common fuel economy units like mpg and liters/100 kilometer. This gives the site over 4000 metric conversions! We've also made sure to include the algebraic steps, which was a fairly difficult task for this category.

  • Cumulate GPA calculation added

    • We've added the ability to calculate your total GPA by allowing you to input your previous cumulative GPA. If you don't feel like entering all your previous courses, you can just add your previous semesters cumulative credits and GPA and we will calculate your overall credits and GPA.

  • GPA converter table added

    • We've added a GPA converter table to our GPA Calculator. If your school doesn't use a 4.0 scale, you can use the table as a guide to convert your grades if given in percentages to a letter grade to use in our GPA Calculator.

  • Search results will find abbreviations

    • Now instead of typing 'feet to meters', you can type 'ft to m'. It works for our currency converter also, type 'USD' to pull up all US Dollar converions or 'INR' for 'Indian Rupees'. Of course the old inputs still work too.

  • GPA Calculator

    • Not sure how to calculate GPA? We've added a great GPA Calculator to our list of tools. Unlike most GPA calculators, you can save your data, organize them through dragging/dropping and delete buttons. Calculations are also done as you type, making results instanteous.

  • Swap your units

    • We've added swap functionality to all our conversions. This makes it easy and updates the algebraic steps for metric conversions to go from, for example, feet to meters to meters to feet. Swap back and forth as often as you like. The values you enter stay the same, so it is very convenient.

  • Currency Converter!

    • We've added a currency converter. Whether you want to convert your money to US Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds, etc. we have 4032 currency conversion combinations available to you, with the most common viewable in our 'Common Currency units' tab where you will be able to quickly and easily see the most common currency conversions, all updated as you type. No need to convert one by one!

      Note: Make sure to register and have your favorite currency conversions follow you where ever you go. They can be accessed from any browser, on any device, in the world.

  • Your Favorites!

    • We've add the ability to save your favorite metric-english conversions! You can then access your favorites conversions by clicking Your Favorites. On Your Favorites page you can organize the metric-english conversions in the order you like and you can also delete ones that you don't want on your list anymore.

      Note: For registered users, your favorites follow you where ever you go. We are also planning to have your favorites displayed and selectable from a dropdown from the menu bar.

  • Volume Conversions

    • We've add volume conversions! We currently have over 1600 volume conversion combinations! This gives the site nearly 4000 conversion combinations!

  • Top 8 in each category

    • We've included the top 8 conversions in each category to make it easy and faster to find what you need to convert. Check out: start converting!

  • Mass and Weight Conversions

    • We've add mass and weight conversions. We currently have nearly 400 mass and weight conversion combinations! This gives the site over 2000 total conversion combinations! To get you started check out: pounds to kilograms

  • All conversions show algebraic steps using unit cancellation for each conversion step

    • We don't just show you the answer, we show you how to do the conversion, step by step. For example, below we convert 100 feet to meters:

    • 100 feet * 12 inches
      1 feet
      * 2.54 centimeters
      1 inches
      * 1 meters
      100 centimeters
      = 30.48 meters

  • Speed conversions

  • Search tool

    • We've included an easy-to-use search tool on both the banner and on the Formula Conversion page. Just start typing in what you want to convert, ie 'centimeters' and we will display all conversions for centimeters. Use your arrow keys or the mouse to select the specific conversion you are looking for.

  • See who is online

    • In the lower right corner of the screen is the list of connected users, both active and inactive. We are halfway through getting chat working, so you will be able to chat with online users in the future.

  • Our forums are active!

    • Have a question or just want to say hi! Check out our forums. You will need to create an account to post, but anyone can view our forums. We include an easy way to see latest posts and your latest posts.

  • We've launched!

    • We have our first set of conversions online, length conversions! Our Formula Conversion page gives fast and accurate conversions between common unit lengths with an easy way to switch between other unit lengths.